Great Britain - Long to Reign Over Us (2015) Presentation Pack
13-November-2015 04:29:19 AM
13-November-2015 04:57:33 AM
United Kingdom
Presentation Pack
Front Inscription
Long to Reign Over Us
Issued Price
5.45 Pound Sterling
Issued Date
Sedley Place
International Security Printers
Perforation Gauge
15 × 14
Mint Never Hinged - Very Fine
Great Britain - Long to Reign Over Us (2015) Presentation Pack
A Miniature Sheet of stamps issued on Wednesday, 9th September to commemorate the historic landmark of Her Majesty The Queen becoming the longest reigning UK monarch. Queen Victoria’s reign of 63 years and 216 days is exceeded by Her Majesty on that day. 

The Miniature Sheet will comprise five stamps including a specially created purple coloured First Class Definitive (everyday stamp) which will replace the current red version for 12 months.

The front of this authoritative Presentation Pack offers a wealth of photos, biographical details and archive photographs from the life and reign of Queen Elizabeth II, while the reverse explores other long-reigning British monarchs and discusses the emblems featured on the four large stamps. It also includes the historic Miniature Sheet itself. The biographical and Royal sections of the pack were written by historian Andrew Roberts, while the philatelic copy is courtesy of Douglas Muir, Senior Curator at the British Postal Museum & Archive.

Miniature Sheet Technical Specifications

Sheet Size 179 x 74mm
Stamp format/size 
Portrait 20 x 24mm
Landscape 34 x 24mm
Print process 
Machin Definitive –gravure.
All others – intaglio and iridescent ink
Phosphor Bars as appropriate
Number per sheet 5 
Total face value for the MS was £4.93

William Wyon’s City Medal1st

William Wyon’s City Medal, featuring the head of Queen Victoria, commemorated her first visit to London. The image on the Penny Black (the world’s first postage stamp) was based on this portrait, which in turn was based on a sketch of Princess Victoria when she was 15 years old.

Priting Method: Intaglio & Irisdescent Ink

Dorothy Wilding’s Portrait1st

Dorothy Wilding’s three-quarter profile photograph of Her Majesty was one of a series taken in April 1952 and was printed on British postage stamps from 1952 until 1967.

Priting Method: Intaglio & Irisdescent Ink

Machin Definitive1st

The classic Machin definitive, featuring the iconic profile of Her Majesty by sculptor Arnold Machin has been in use on definitive stamps since 1967. The iridescent overprint on the stamp bears the text 'Long to Reign Over Us'. This new stamp is also available in stamp books.

Priting Method: Photogravure

The Badge of the House of Windsor£1.52

The Badge of the House of Windsor, featuring a depiction of the Round Tower of Windsor Castle flying the Royal Standard, was approved by King George VI in Council at Buckingham Palace.

Priting Method: Intaglio & Irisdescent Ink

The Queen’s Personal Flag£1.52

for use in Commonwealth countries, The Queen’s Personal Flag was designed at Her Majesty's request in 1960. This is a gold 'E' with a crown, surrounded by a garland of roses. It symbolises the Queen's role as Head of the Commonwealth. The device from the flag appears on the stamp.

Priting Method: Intaglio & Irisdescent Ink


City Medal from the RM Phillips Collection © Royal Mail Group Ltd 2015, courtesy of The British Postal Museum & Archive, photographed by David Burton; Dorothy Wilding photography © Royal Mail Group Ltd 2015, decorative frame by Gerry Barney; bas-relief portrait of The Queen by Arnold Machin OBE, RA including typography by Jeffery Matthews MBE, FCSD, FRSA © Royal Mail Group Ltd 2015; sheet typography and illustrations of the Badge of the House of Windsor and the device from The Queen’s Personal Flag by Gerry Barney
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