Encouraging Knowledge Sharing

Exonumi was designed with a number of goals. The main objective is to simplifying personal collection inventory/labeling, providing quicker access anytime and anywhere while at the same time providing vital statistic about one's personal collection. Anyone with numismatic or philately collection can easily use this application.

For frequent and generic information, application can suggest currency and country name. Whilst text on coin and banknote will be suggested if there has been added into database. Less time for frequent information.

Application has been designed to be as intuitive possible. Which mean, you will in short time easily browse around and use all the functions.

Multiple Currencies
If you been purchasing in multiple currency, you will be get your statistic of spending and "asset" value in its specified currency.

You can easily find information about your collection by using the search function and browse all or specific keywords. If you are about to buy an item, check your collection to avoid duplication and perhaps you already have a better one.

Thematic Report
If you have vast collection of coin or banknote and you would like to see your collection, rest assured that this application has been built to let you drill-in into your collection as it groups your collection into type, then into country, later into ruler or governor. If you are collecting by year, the drill will list out all the years and or asset under specific ruler or governor.

Public Sharing
If you decide to share your collection with other people, just use Public Sharing. Only the description, catalog information and photos will be shared while keeping your privacy. This will help other people to search for information and any photo will surely give more guidance and information. In short, any shared information will be useful as general resource.

More Functions to Come!
I build this application out of my interest on this hobby, therefore you can be rest assured that I will keep updating the application to make it more resourceful and supporting many other collectibles namely stamp/philately and other exonumia.

Open for Suggestion
I want this application to reflect over what a numismatist, that is a collector like you want. Therefore, I will always keep my ears on to listen for any request and if there's any suggestion, do write to me and I will see how I can best implement it based on its merit.

From the Developer

This is my solution after I got tired of using papers that grown thicker, Microsoft Excel that was not friendly enough and other softwares that are not friendly enough.

I developed this application because of the passion I have for the hobby. I hope it will somehow benefit you as it does for me.

Kindest Regards,