Spain EUFA EURO 2012 Championship
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Stamp (Miniature Sheet)
Front Inscription
España ¡Campeones! UEFA EURO 2012
Face Value
1 Euro
Issued Date
RCM-FNMT (Real Casa de la Moneda - Fábrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre)
Printing Method
150 × 104.5 mm
Mint Never Hinged - Superb
Spain EUFA EURO 2012 Championship
Spain Commemorative for Winning UEFA EURO 2012

Text Obverse

1 €

© UEFA 2006


EURO 2012™

Come with serial number: 042326
Print run: 280,000

The Spanish Football Team is the protagonist of a stamp which commemorates its win in the European Football

Press release CORREOS

With a postal face value of 1 Euro and

  • The souvenir sheet reproduces an image with all the players of the Spanish Football Team celebrating the victory in UEFA’s European Football Championship 2012, with the championship logo and that of CORREOS
  • The stamp, which has a round shape, reproduces the official UEFA’s trophy and ribbons with the colors of Spain’s national flag

As part of the Sports series, on November 6th, 2012 a souvenir sheet, called Fútbol UEFA EURO 2012 (Football UEFA’s European Football Championship 2012) has been issued, with which CORREOS wishes to pay homage, once again, to the Spanish Football Team, as when the Spanish Football Team won the European Football Championship in 2008 and the World Football Championship in 2010.

On July 1st, 2012, the Spanish Football Team figured again in the history of sports when it won the European Football Championship 2012. With its victory, this national team became the first to achieve three consecutive international titles, breaking all existing records. As a tribute to the success achieved, Correos has put into circulation a commemorative souvenir sheet which reproduces a photograph of the whole football team, raising the trophy and exhibiting on their breasts the champions’ medal. In the round stamp appears the prized trophy.

Thus, this historical triumph is added to all those previously immortalized in the philatelic series Sports, whose purpose is that of giving recognition to Spanish sportsmen – in this case, to the Spanish Football Team – and to highlight and make known the values which they embody; competitiveness, perseverance, joint effort and team spirit, which are required for achieving high goals.

Sports with it's own stamp

CORREOS has already before reproduced other important milestones of Spanish sport, such as for instance, the victories achieved by the Spanish Basketball Team, the Spanish Tennis Team in the Davis Cup, participation in American Sailing Cup, or the above mentioned wins of the Spanish Football Team in the European Football Championship.

Also since 1960, as part of the philatelic series Sports, more than thirty stamps have been issued dedicated to football, commemorating the centenary of a number of teams, the World Football Cup “Spain ‘82”, as well as other significant events, such as the 25th anniversary of the Football King’s Cup, and FIFA’s centenary.

Football, the king os sports

The Spanish Royal Football Federation resolved in 1920 to set up a football team in order to take part in Antwerp’s Summer Olympic Games, in Belgium. Since then, Spain’s Football Team has went through good and bad situations, full of victories and defeats. In 1964 it won for the first time the European Football Championship versus the Soviet Union, in the final match which took place in Santiago Bernabéu’s field in Madrid. Its annals record its participation in 13 series of the World Football Cup, 9 European Football Championships, 3 Olympic Games, and 1 FIFA Confederations Cup.

The European Football Championship, or Euro Cup, takes place every four years among the European Football teams. It is officially organized by the Union of European Football Federations UEFA, and this 15th series took place in Poland and Ukraine. During almost one month, the football teams of the 16 participant countries competed among themselves in an sportsmanship way with the goal of winning the trophy. The final match took place between Spain and Italy in Kiev’s Olympic Games Stadium (Ukraine), with the attendance of 60,000 spectators, with a 4-0 score in favor of the Spanish football team. Thanks to this win, the Spanish team became the first in winning three championships in a row, as it won the European Football Cup in 2008, the World Football Championship in 2010, and again the European Football Cup in 2012.

In 2010, the Spanish Football Team was awarded the Premio Príncipe de Asturias for the Sports, in recognition to its merits in sport.

Techical data

The postal stamp dedicated to commemorate the new win of the Spanish Football Team has a format of a souvenir sheet with a 150 x 104.5 mm size, a 280,000 print, and a face value of 1 Euro. It is an offset printing, in coated, gummed, and phosphorescent paper. The stamp is 32 mm sized (circular). The philatelic issue is already on sale in the network of more than 2,300 multiservice post offices all over Spain and in other postage points of sale. On the background of the souvenir sheet is reproduced an image of all the players of the Spanish Football Team celebrating their victory in the UEFA’s European Football Championship 2012, together with the Championship’s logo and Correos’ logo. On the round postal stamp, UEFA’s official trophy and ribbons with the colors of Spain’s national flag.

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