Denmark : Rejsekort Flex - National Transportation Card
31-January-2017 03:23:05 PM
31-January-2017 03:42:12 PM
Issuer's Name
Rejsekort A/S
Issuer Type
Transportation Company
Card Type
Transportation Card
PVC / Common Material
Card Number
308430 XXX XXX XXX 9
Card With Chip?
Card Was Signed?
Denmark : Rejsekort Flex - National Transportation Card
Rejsekort (Official translation: TRAVEL CARD) is an electronic ticket system for public transport (bus, train and metro) in Denmark. The system is a collaborative work between DSB, HUR, Ørestadsselskabet, and various regional bus companies, and work on it started on August 18, 2003. Rejsekort unites the different transport operators, travel zones, ticketing systems and discount schemes into a common system, which makes it easier for passengers to use public transport services in Denmark.

A Rejsekort is a so-called Smartcard equipped with a chip. The chip communicates with card readers and hand-held devices used by inspectors on buses, trains and the metro. The chip, card readers and hand-held devices register and calculate the cost of passengers' journeys. The card must be checked in at a card reader at the start and the end of a journey, and the system automatically calculates the price of the journey; failure to do so results in a fine. The money is deducted from a prepaid account; alternatively, a card can be signed up for a payment scheme so that the money is automatically deducted from the holder's bank account.

The system people are accustomed to using in Denmark, with tickets, ten-trip coupons, etc., originates from the 1970s. After many years in operation, the devices are worn out. Instead of updating the old devices, the transport operators decided to introduce a new ticketing system which makes it easier for passengers to travel with several transport operators and ticket systems. The data collected by the Rejsekort electronic ticketing system also provides an accurate and detailed picture of traffic flows and travel patterns, which means that the transport operators can plan better, i.e. for peak and quiet periods. The transport operators will also be better equipped to run daily operations because timetabling and coordinating bus and train connections is easier. Like the old system, the Rejsekort is designed to work universally for trains, buses, and metro trains.

Rejsekort Flex has no name or photo of the holder printed onto the card, unlike Rejsekort Personal.
  Rejsekort Personal Rejsekort Flex Rejsekort Anonymous
Card price 50 kr. 50 kr. 80 kr.
Prepayment 25 kr. 25 kr. 70 kr.
Prepayment (national) 25 kr. 25 kr. 600 kr.
Available online Yes Yes No
You can freeze your Rejsekort account if your card is lost or stolen Yes Yes No
Group travel on card Yes Yes Yes
Access to Online Self-service Yes Yes No
Top up at Rejsekort ATMs Yes Yes Yes
Reload agreement option Yes Yes No
Gives biggest possible discounts Yes No No
Name on card Yes No No
Photo on card for some customer types Yes No No
Can only be used by the owner Yes No No
Can be shared with others No Yes Yes
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