YoUnique Money - PayPal PrePaid MasterCard (Spain)
24-April-2014 02:39:00 AM
08-May-2015 04:25:40 PM
Issuer's Name
YoUnique Money E.D.E
Issuer Type
Card Type
Prepaid Card
Card Brand
Co-Brand / Partnership
PVC / Common Material
85.6 × 53.98 mm
Name on Card
A H BIN xxxxx xxxxxx
Card Number
5312 4200 xxxx 6022
Issued Date
Expiry Date
Card With Chip?
Card Was Signed?
YoUnique Money - PayPal PrePaid MasterCard (Spain)
Unlike to US and UK, where PayPal provides additional service in the form of Debit Card to be linked to one personal PayPal account, in Spain, despite the claim as "PayPal MasterCard", it is in fact a prepaid card issued by party non-related to PayPal but in co-operation to issue the card using PayPal's brand.

PayPal launched a prepaid card in March 2013. It is only issued to Spanish citizens (with DNI) and Spanish residents (with NIE). Application is made online and issued card will be printed with embossed name. However, the card is also available from general store across the country BUT without name (nameless card).

Either way, it costs €5 - for online purchase, payment can be made using PayPal or Visa/Mastercard.

To use the card, owner must have it recharged using another PayPal account or through a bank transfer.

The card is in anyway do not linked to a PayPal account or a bank account. Despite it can be used to open a PayPal account or linked to one already exist, it cannot be used to withdraw money or charged againts balance from the linked PayPal account. However, the card has an IBAN number, which is similar to a bank account number, for user to send fund into the card.

"This prepaid card will be very useful to anyone who wants to have more control of your expenses and want, for example, allocate a certain budget for leisure or shopping. It's also suitable, for example, for those who must spend a abroad, as in the case of students, and avoid the red tape of opening a bank account in another country," says the director of PayPal for Spain and Portugal, Estanis Nicholas Martin.



In mint superb condition with original letter.

Spanish News Today - Banco De España Revokes Licence For Younique Money Prepaid Paypal Cards In Spain

The Banco de España has revoked the operating licence which had been issued to Younique Money, a company which issued various products including pre-paid Paypal cards, raising various important questions among those who had purchased goods from Younique Money.

Until now two kinds of Paypal card were on the market. These were the Paypal visa credit card issued by Cetelem and the pre-paid card managed by Younique Money, and it is only the second of these which is no longer authorized.

The situation is currently that since 31st January, when the Banco de España revoked the authority previously granted to Younique Money, the cards affected can no longer be used in order to make payments. Amounts still in customers’ favour on the cards affected are guaranteed by Spanish law, and Younique Money has established procedures by which outstanding balances can be returned to clients.

These procedures are relatively simple: customers with outstanding balances should complete a form which is available on the Younique website, and then send it together with a copy of their identity card and proof of bank account ownership in order for reimbursement payments to be made.

However, there are some concerns in consumer protection bodies that the Banco de España should have taken more steps to safeguard customer rights, for example by freezing the accounts where customer funds are deposited. The hope is now that Younique Money will act efficiently and rapidly to satisfy upset customers: if this is not the case, the Banco de España could face an angry backlash.
12 Feb 2015

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