Hong Kong 20 Dollars Beijing 2008 Olympic Games Commemorative
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Hong Kong, SAR
20 Hong Kong Dollar
Issued Date/Year
2008 CE - Common Era
Note Type
Paper - Commemorative
Front Description
Bank of China (Hong Kong) Limited | Twenty Hong Kong Dollars
Back Description
The Games of the XXIX Olympiad
Head of State
Donald Tsang
Note Printer
Hong Kong Note Printing Limited
144 × 72 mm
Krause Standard Catalog of World Paper Money : Modern Issues 1961-Present
Hong Kong 20 Dollars Beijing 2008 Olympic Games Commemorative
Beijing 2008 Olympic Games Hong Kong Dollar Commemorative Banknote
HK$20 banknote commemorating the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games was issued by Bank of China (Hong Kong) Limited. Officially released in Hong Kong July 15, 2008. Total 4 prefixes released: AA, HK, BJ and "772070".
The Olympic Banknote, bringing together the Olympic Games and philanthropy, was the first commemorative banknote ever issued in the history of the modern Olympic Games.
Four million of the HK$20 ($2.56) Olympic banknotes were issued, depicting a Greek pillar on the front and Beijing's Olympic "Bird's Nest" stadium on the back side.
A total of 3.76 million were sold in Hong Kong at prices ranging from HK$138 (nearly seven times their face value) to HK$1,338. The remainder were available in Macao and overseas (authorized agents approved by the International Olympic Committee).
The Olympic Banknote was offered in 5 categories: 
Radiant Joy (Single Note) HKD138
Triumphant Spirit (4-in-1 Uncut Notes) HKD338
Brilliant Jubilation (35-in-1 Uncut Notes) HKD1,388
Harmonious Union (1&1 Combo of one HKD note and one MOP note) HKD268
United Pleasure (4&4 Combo of 4-in-1 uncut HKD note and 4-in-1 uncut MOP note) HKD868
Banknotes positive view for the ancient Olympic movement birthplace site building pillar design, the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games emblem and the Hongkong Bank of China Tower designs. The double-sided carving intaglio printing process printed, money is on the back of the Chinese bank name, used pattern, denominations are used in intaglio printing, touch has obvious concave, convex sense.
The king is back in Beijing Olympic Stadium, National Stadium ("bird's nest"), and "auspicious clouds" and other symbols of Beijing Olympic Games and other sports multicolor graphics.
It shares the same color and size as the HK$20 note issued by BOCHK in 2003. The new banknote also incorporates new security features, such as bright-and-highlighted watermarks and color-changing windowed thread.
Hongkong Olympic Games Commemorative Banknote used embossing contact denomination digital anti-counterfeiting technology. In Hong Kong and Macao coins left watermark pattern above, the Bank of China emblem below, when the money placed eyes parallel to 45 ° or 90 ° rotation of different shapes, visible denomination figures "20" logo. The invisible denomination numbers using the tenon type stamping production, is the use of making good die stamping banknote paper, so that the banknote paper surface concavo-convex ordered wrinkles, thus forming a kind of fixed pattern, in order to achieve the purpose of security.
The pictures, wordings and symbols of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games have been adopted by the Banknote. These images, be they bold or elegant, dynamic or still, embody the harmonious blending of ancient civilization and modern culture, reflecting the history and development of the Olympic spirit from generation to generation. These icons signify the passion and best wishes of the people of Hong Kong towards the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games.
Legal Tender
The Banknote is the legal tender of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, but not intended for use as general local banknotes in circulation. The issuer indicated that the banknote may not be accepted by vending and ticketing machines. BOCHK will only exchange it according to its face value.
Chief Executive
Donald Tsang (Tsang Yam-kuen) 21 June 2005 - 30 June 2012
The Chief Executive of Hong Kong is the President of the Executive Council of Hong Kong and head of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.
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