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Australia - Royal Wedding "Capturing the Moment"

+ Issue Date     : 04/05/2011
+ Classification : Postage Stamp
+ Emission       : Commemorative
+ Designer       : Jo Mure
+ Printer        : McKellar Renown
+ Perforations   : 14.28 x 14.28
+ Separations    : Normal Perforations
+ Gum Type       : Gum
+ Shape          : Rectangular
Just days after the historic Royal Wedding of Prince William and Miss Kate Middleton, Australia Post is delighted to commemorate the event with a sheetlet of stamps that capture so beautifully the happy couple on their wedding day.

The sheetlet is able to be released within days of the wedding due to special technology that allows the image to be uploaded into a Royal Wedding stamp template, pre-approved by Buckingham Palace.


Perforation: Serpentine Die Cut 11½
Size: 35 x 35 mm