Malaysia Stamp & Philately Reference Guide


Surcharged on Stamp of 1872

+ Issue Date     : 04/1880
+ Classification : Postage Stamp
+ Printer        : De La Rue & Co, Limited
+ Watermark      : Crown CC
+ Perforations   : 14
+ Separations    : Normal Perforations
+ Gum Type       : Gum
+ Shape          : Rectangular
+ Orientation    : Vertical
About a month later after first surcharge, a new setting of the “10″ surcharge was made with the word “cents” missing. Here again there were apparently eight varieties of the figure “10″.

Original Stamp number 17.

(l) '1' thin curved serif and thin foot, 'O' narrow.
(m) '1' thick curved serif and thick foot, 'O' is broad. Both numerals are heavy.
(n) '1' same as (a), 'O' same as (b).
(o) '1' same as (a), but narrow 'O'.
(p) '1' same as (b), 'O' same as (a).
(q) '1' same as (b) but shorter and with another serif and thicker foot, 'O' same as (d).
(r) '1' straight serif at top, 'O' same as (d).