Malaysia Stamp & Philately Reference Guide


Surcharge on 30¢ Stamp of 1872

+ Issue Date     : 03/1880
+ Classification : Postage Stamp
+ Printer        : De La Rue & Co, Limited
+ Watermark      : Crown CC
+ Perforations   : 14
+ Separations    : Normal Perforations
+ Gum Type       : Gum
+ Shape          : Rectangular
+ Orientation    : Vertical
With other changes in postal rates, the need arose for a stamp of 10c. value and to provide for this, stamps from the stock of the 30c. claret were surcharged “10 cents.” in two lines, the “cents” appearing in italics in 1880. There are no less than ten varieties of the figure “10″. The surcharging was done at the Government Printing Office at Singapore and a pane of 60 stamps was covered at each operation.

Original stamp, number 17

Known Varieties:

(a) '1' thin curved serif & thin foot, 'O' narrow.
(b) '1' thin curved serif & thin foot, 'O' is broad. Both numerals are heavy.
(c) '1' same as (a), 'O' same as (b).
(d) '1' same as (a) but thicker, 'O' same as (a)
(e) '1' same as (a), 'O' same as (a) but with thicker sides.
(f) '1' same as (d), 'O' same as (e).
(g) '1' same as (a) but narrow 'O'.
(h) '1' thin, curved serif & thin foot, 'O' same as (g).
(i) '1' thin, curved serif & thick foot, 'O' same as (g)
(j) '1' same as (d), 'O' same as (g) but raised.
(k) '1' same as (a) but shorter, with shorter serif and thicker foot, 'O' same (g) but numerals are closer than (g)