Malaysia Stamp & Philately Reference Guide
+ Country   : Malaysia
+ Sub-Area  : Pahang
+ Class     : Stamp & Philatey
+ Prefix    : MYPHG
+ Σ Group   : 42
+ Σ Stamp   : 174
+ Σ Variety : 58
+ Σ FDC     : 5
+ Σ Pr. Pack: 1
+ Σ Listing : Postage Stamp, Booklet, Revenue & Tax, Postcard Prepaid (With Indicia), Postcard Official
%3Cp%3E%3Cstrong%3EPahang%3C%2Fstrong%3E%26nbsp%3Bis the third largest state in%26nbsp%3BMalaysia%2C after%26nbsp%3BSarawak%26nbsp%3Band%26nbsp%3BSabah%2C and the largest in%26nbsp%3BPeninsular Malaysia. The state occupies the huge%26nbsp%3BPahang River%26nbsp%3Briver basin. It is bordered to the north by%26nbsp%3BKelantan%2C to the west by%26nbsp%3BPerak%2C%26nbsp%3BSelangor%2C%26nbsp%3BNegeri Sembilan%2C to the south by%26nbsp%3BJohor%26nbsp%3Band to the east by%26nbsp%3BTerengganu%26nbsp%3Band the%26nbsp%3BSouth China Sea.%3C%2Fp%3E%0A%0A%3Cp%3EIts state capital is%26nbsp%3BKuantan%2C and the royal seat is at%26nbsp%3BPekan. Other important towns include%26nbsp%3BJerantut%2C%26nbsp%3BKuala Lipis%2C%26nbsp%3BTemerloh%26nbsp%3Band the hill%26nbsp%3Bresorts%26nbsp%3Bof%26nbsp%3BGenting Highlands%2C%26nbsp%3BCameron Highlands%2C%26nbsp%3BBukit Tinggi%26nbsp%3Band%26nbsp%3BFraser%26%2339%3Bs Hill.%3C%2Fp%3E%0A%0A%3Cp%3EThe Arabic honorific of Pahang is%26nbsp%3B%3Cem%3EDarul Makmur%3C%2Fem%3E%26nbsp%3B(%26quot%3BAbode of Tranquility%26quot%3B).%3C%2Fp%3E%0A