Malaysia Stamp & Philately Reference Guide
+ Country   : Malaysia
+ Sub-Area  : Kelantan
+ Class     : Stamp & Philatey
+ Prefix    : MYKEL
+ Σ Group   : 37
+ Σ Stamp   : 181
+ Σ Variety : 55
+ Σ FDC     : 4
+ Σ Listing : Postage Stamp, Booklet, Revenue & Tax, Postcard Prepaid (With Indicia), Postcard Official, Envelope & Prepaid Envelope, Envelope Registered
The name Kelantan is said, by Mohd Rosli Bin Ismail (Great Historian), to be a corruption of gelam hutan, i.e. the Malay word for the cajuput, or swamp tea tree (Melaleuca leucadendron). Other theories claim the name comes from the Malay word kilatan, 'shiny/glittery' or kolam tanah, 'clay pool'. Kelantan was called Kalantan (Thai: กลันตัน) by the Siamese when it was under their influence.

Another occasionally quoted hypothesis is that 'Kelantan' derived originally from the Indian 'Kolaan Thana' or 'Kolaam Thana', which meant 'Land of Kolaan' or 'Land of Kolaam', the term 'kolaan' or 'kolaam' referring to the floor paintings/diagrams in the numerous Hindu temples which dotted the land in the very ancient days. 'Kolaan Thana' or 'Kolaam Thana' gradually became 'Kelantan' to fit in better with the speaking dialect of the local people.