Malaysia Stamp & Philately Reference Guide


1928-1933 Sultan Ismail

+ Issue Date     : 1928
+ Classification : Postage Stamp
+ Printing       : Engraved
+ Watermark      : Multiple Script CA
+ Separations    : Normal Perforations
+ Gum Type       : Gum
+ Shape          : Rectangular
+ Orientation    : Vertical
Sultan Ismail Ibni Sultan Muhammad IV ibni al-Marhum Sultan Muhammad IV, Sultan and Yang di-Pertuan of the State of Kelantan Darul Naim, KCMG (2 January 1922). Born at Kota Bharu on 20 August 1880, eldest son of Paduka Sri Baginda Sultan Muhammad IV ibni al-Marhum Sultan Muhammad III, Sultan and Yang di-Pertuan of the State of Kelantan Da'ar ul-Na'im, KCMG, by his wife, Sultana Zainab.

Granted the title of Tengku Sri Jaya Raja, and promoted to Tengku Sri Indra Mahkota 11 March 1901. Granted the title of Phra Rattasadana Adipati Putra (Phra Ratsada Tibodi But) by the King of Siam 1901. Appointed as Heir Apparent and formally invested with the title of Raja Kelantan and the style of Mulia (His Highness) on 22 June 1911. MSC Kelantan 1900–1920.

Succeeded on the death of his father on 23 December 1920. Crowned at Istana Balai Besar, Kota Bharu, 28 April 1921. Founded the Most Honourable Order of the Life of the Crown of Kelantan or, the Star of Ismail I 1925, etc. m. (first) Tengku Petri binti Tengku Long, Tengku Ampuan, second daughter of Tengku Long bin Tengku Ngah [Long Besut], Tengku Sri Indra Segara, of Besut, in Trengganu, by his first wife, Tengku Embong binti al-Marhum Sultan Muhammad, third daughter of Paduka Sri Sultan Muhammad III ibni al-Marhum Sultan Ahmad, Sultan and Yang di-Pertuan Besar of the State of Kelantan. m. (second) 1915, Y.M. Tengku Nik bin Tengku Kaya Pahlawan, daughter of Y.A.M. Tengku Chik, Tengku Kaya Pahlawan. m. (third) Wan Mek, from Bukit Marak. m. (fourth) Tengku Sri Mariam binti Tengku Ahmad, daughter of Tengku Ahmad, by his wife, a daughter of Paduka Sri Sultan Ahmad ibni al-Marhum Muhammad, Sultan and Yang di-Pertuan Besar of the State of Kelantan.

He died from tuberculosis, at Istana Jahar,Kota Bharu, 20 June 1944 and was buried at Royal Cemetery, Kampung Langgar.